Split Journal

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We all talk to ourselves. We do it to think things through, to think in a different voice, to explore new topics. We talk to ourselves to practice conversations with others, to talk to people who are no longer here, or aren’t here yet. We are our own best friend, our own worst enemy, our toughest critic and partner in crime.

Split Journal lets you talk to yourself in a familiar, chat-like interface. And your journal is backed up to iCloud with your iPhone or iPad. It works really well with the built-in keyboard. For more speed, try it with a bluetooth keyboard or voice dictation.

In the future we’ll be adding sync between devices and other features. Please send us your thoughts on Split Journal to splitJournal [at] confusionStudios [dot] com.

Enjoy talking to your favorite person with Split Journal!
Dan, Lead Designer
Confusion Studios LLC :: Makers of MIDI Designer Pro 2