Your Kbase, Always Accessible and Shareable

A true Web 2.0 application that requires no download, TheKBase Web works on the Web, making your data accessible from anywhere. To start with, your Kbase is private. When you're ready, "invite" other other TheKbase Web users to share your data. This allows for real-time collaboration in complex multiple-hierarchical structures.

You may also publish your Kbase to the world, giving users and non-users a chance to look at -- but not modify -- your kbase. Public Kbase URLs are keyed so that you can decide to whom to give read only access.

TheKBase Web uses a proven Web-Services-based architecture and a Flash-based client to give the user a desktop-like experience in a Web 2.0 application.

Use It Now, It's Free.
Click here to use TheKBase Web - it's free, and it will run on any standard browser (Flash 9.0 required).

Walkthrough Now Available! Click here for a short tour of the Kbase Web. Most basic aspects are explained in this presentation. (Low-bandwidth users click here.)