"Every page of every book I read, every person I meet, every task I have to do... and they are all interlinked in multiple ways. TheKBase doesn't organize my data, but it does give me a stable platform with which to organize and retrieve that data. I used to think about the perfect database and I've tried a lot of products. TheKBase has shown me another way to look at the problem. Now, it's indispensable"
John Urb, CEO,
F500 Consulting

"Your product is quite useful."
Maxim Palermo, Senior Investigator,
Strategic Institute, Washington D.C.

"Like most indy labels, we have our own way of doing business. Since 1999 we've been growing an in-house application using Oracle. We use it to organize all data about potential artists. Recently one of our agents expressed a desire to use TheKBase. Thanks to its conservative use of XML, we can import her kbases directly in our DB. She is happy for the time being, but I'm anxious to see the multi-user version in the future."
Ziar Turb, Director of Technology,
PhatBoy Digital Music