TheKBase 2.0 Mobile (requires the .NET Compact Framework)

TheKBase for the .NET Compact Framework is a limited version of TheKBase 2.0. Like TheKBase 2.0, TheKBase for .Net Compact Framework lets users:

  • Create and modify TheKBase files allowing for seamless communication with TheKBase Desktop.
  • Create and manipulate multiple-hierarchies
  • Find text in snippets
  • Create and edit text, copy and paste between TheKBase and other applications

Some of the limitations of the TheKBase Mobile compared to the desktop version:

  • Users cannot choose custom icons nor colors. However, icons selected with the Desktop version are displayed
  • Only one snippet may be selected at a time
  • TheKBase Mobile does include an export feature
  • TheKBase Mobile does not allow for Massive Snippet Creation

Download and Installation

TheKBase Mobile requires the .NET Compact Edition 2.0. For more information, see this link.

TheKBase is distributed as a .CAB file, available here for download. This file must be copied to the mobile device and executed. This will complete the install process, placing an icon in the Start menu and installing the appropriate files in your Program Files directory.


TheKBase Mobile works directly with your .kbase files created with the Desktop version. Therefore, for ActiveSync to synchronize these files, they must be placed in the directories you normally synchronize. Note: ActiveSync can only synchronize entire TheKBase files, and cannot handle individual snippet changes. If you modify the same TheKBase file on both your desktop and the mobile computer, ActiveSync will prompt you to choose the one you want to use.

Like the built-in Notes application on Windows Mobile 2003 and before, TheKBase Mobile includes the title of a snippet as the first line of text in the Text editor. Any changes to the line of text get taken up as soon as a save is performed, or if another snippet is selected.

TheKBase has been tested with the Think Outside Infrared Wireless Keyboard.