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A Multiple-Hierachical Information Manager

A lot of programs allow you to classify things in more than one category, and others use tree-like ("hierarchical") organization. Only TheKBase combines both.

TheKBase is a way to organize information in a hierarchy. If you want, you can use it like a notepad with a tree-like structure.

But hierarchical structures are limiting. Often, you want to classify information in multiple ways. TheKBase allows you to do just that, either collaboratively on the Web (TheKBase Web), in a standalone Windows .NET version, and in a Windows Mobile version.

A Simple Hierarchical Notepad

TheKBase is a notepad which allows its snippets -- bits of text -- to be organized in a tree. Snippets can contain other snippets.


Multiple Hierarchies

Snippets can contain other snippets and be contained by other snippets.

To put it another way, snippets can have several children and several parents.

This is the way you classify naturally: things appear in more than one category, and contain more than one thing.

So What?

Classify the information the way you want to. Then classify it again! Find your information in multiple ways, including boolean searches.

So what? Lots of programs do multiple classification of data (for instance, "tagging"). But only TheKBase allows you to combine hierarchical classification and multiple categorization. Meaning that a snippet doesn't just live in several places. In each of the places that it lives it has interesting and layered relationships for data exploration, and that suggest new data to add.

Try It, It's Free

Check the instructions if you want to get a better idea of how it works, and then start using it. For TheKBase Web, simply click here. Or, for TheKBaseDesktop download it here it (you'll need .NET 2.0). We think you'll find that it's an intuitive and smart way to organize your data.