A Standalone TheKBase

A standalone desktop application, TheKBase Desktop stores your data in XML files on disk (usually .kbase or .xml) so you can access your data even when you are not connected. Since your kbases are normal files, you can copy them, back them up, and send them to other TheKBase Desktop users as you wish. Also, your your TheKBases can also be used with NO modification using TheKBase Mobile for Windows Mobile Devices, so you can use them on your phone or PDA.


Features include search, find, export, merging of KBases, massive snippet creation, color support for snippets, and a properties pane for rapid snippet classification. KBases are saved as simple XML files which may be easily imported into other programs. Also, KBases may be exported using TheKBase to any file format including HTML. Version 2.1.2 adds Rijndael encryption of kbases.

Try It, It's Free

Check the instructions if you want to get a better idea of how it works, and then download it (you'll need .NET 2.0, but you probably already have it). If you like it, you may have questions about why you would want to put your important data into TheKBase. Click here to understand why.